Towards Sustainopreneurship Development at the Tertiary Level Education: A Case study on Southern University Bangladesh

Kazi Nazmul Huda


The concept of sustainopreneurship demands entrepreneurial actions to promote sustainable development goals and principles in business activities. The study understands the necessity of an academic curriculum that aids the business gradates to enhance their entrepreneurial skills in the light of sustainopreneurship development concepts. Key objective of the study is to propose an action-oriented model of sustainopreneurship that may enrich the existing curriculum of entrepreneurship development courses taught at the university level. The current study is based on classroom experiences at Southern University Bangladesh. The paper tries to offer a potential model of embedding sustainopreneurship in the entrepreneurship development curriculum that opens the possibility in attaining the goals of the said concept. The methodology of the study is based on qualitative research conducted through exploratory analysis. Results of the study are based on observation and the opinions of the direct stakeholders specially the students, faculties, and the management of the university. 


Sustainopreneurship; Entrepreneurship; University Curriculum; Education; Tertiary Level; Innovation & Creativity

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