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Case Management Software for Legal Practices Helps You Win Trials & Litigations

"Jonathon Brack" (2018-08-14)

You rely on your case management software to run your practice, to house all case information, manage your documents, and give you a pulse on your business. It is the lifeblood of your law firm. Some firms want the freedom and flexibility to cut the cord with their in-house server and manage their firm from virtually anywhere. TrialWorks has created a state-of-the-art hosting facility in Miami, Florida. TrialWorks Hosted Services provide enterprise-level capabilities to law firms without the upfront costs. The hosted platform is an alternative to owning your own equipment and is accessible from virtually anywhere. Users with an internet connection and a basic computer can access TrialWorks, Word, Excel, Outlook, and a number of other products using Remote Desktop. TrialWorks Hosted Services feature modern Windows Server platforms and Microsoft Office Professional.

Benefits of TrialWorks Hosted Services
● Manage the firm from virtually anywhere, on any device
● Dedicated Windows Servers
● Reduce or eliminate in-house IT costs
● Contact one support line for all your case management and hosting needs
● Reduce your worry about disaster recovery – your data is protected in the TrialWorks facility!
● No compatibility issues.

Is your Case Management Program Getting the Job Done?
You might be satisfied with your current legal case management software. However, it’s possible you are not aware of what the best programs can do to maximize your efficiency and help your practice thrive and grow. To manage your caseload properly, you should be able to accomplish the following (most of these tasks can be generated by your case management program):

1. Make sure your clients know who you are and can recognize your face. Maybe that involves a welcome email with a video. Conduct client satisfaction surveys.
2. Track all client communication.
3. Run weekly reports to make sure every client has had recent contact.
4. Update your client at each new phase of the case. Make sure they know what comes next.
5. Be able to track costs and payments associated with each case, and measure KPI.
6. Track personal information about your client. Notice what they had to drink when they are visiting your office. Learn their kids’ names. Keep track of birthdays, holidays and special occasions.
7. Have your staff generate email blasts to your clients that acknowledge special occasions as well as community information. Use these emails to stay in touch with former clients.
8. Integrate a client portal that clients can use to retrieve important information about their cases. Most major medical practices have similar portals that allow patients to keep track of appointments, etc.

Summing it Up
Keeping track of your caseload and client information is critical to the success of your firm. A solid, highly customizable legal case management software suite can make this job much easier.

TrialWorks trial and litigation case management software helps attorneys manage intakes, contacts, electronic documents, email, and calendar in a central location that can be accessed anywhere. With TrialWorks automating your practice and providing you all the data you need to manage your firm, you can focus on what really matters: your clients.