An Election of Self-Centered Tweets: Analysis of Twitter Usage in the 2016 São Paulo Mayoral Election

Tathiana Senne Chicarino, Claudio Penteado, Natasha Bachini, Pedro Malina, Denis Carneiro Lobo


In order to observe the uses of Twitter in the 2016 São Paulo mayoral election, this article presents a predominantly quantitative analysis of the digital campaigns carried out by the main candidates Celso Russomano (PRB); Fernando Haddad (PT); João Dória (PSDB); Luiza Erundina (PSOL); Marta Suplicy (PMDB); Major Olímpio (SD) and Ricardo Young (REDE). Researchers from  NEAMP (PUC/SP - Brazil) and DMRC (QUT - Australia) combined Big Data analysis techniques to verify the continuities and innovations in two main variables: (1) the current digital campaign strategies compared to previous ones and (2) the candidates/followers interactions. The results pointed to a correlation between the broadening of political issue debate on social media and the increase of personalistic contents along with the reduction of the candidate/follower interactive dialogues.


Twitter; Big data; 2016 São Paulo Mayoral Election; Digital Campaigns; Social Media Political Campaigns.

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ISSN 1982-6672

DOI 10.23925/1982-6672