Fatores determinantes na elaboração de resumos: maturação ou condições da tarefa?

Sylvia B. Terzi, Angela B. Kleiman


This paper examines Brown and Day's (1983) developmental proposal for the acquisition of summarizing rules by school children. The hierachy of difficulty proposed by the authors is show to be inadequate under a different experimental design. In or experiments with 8th graders the control group, who had access to the text while summarizing produced results correlating with those of Brown and Day's: The children made only poor use of copy and deletion rules, the easier rules in the hierarchy. However the experimental group who had no access to the text during the summarizing task, made effective use of Superordination, Selection and Invention rules, those rules which were purported to be acquired much later in the schooling process. The results of these experiments clearly show the importance of creating in the classroom such conditions that would permit the full use of the students' reading and summarizing skills.

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