Map, Foundations, Recipe, Burden: Teachers’ Conceptual Metaphors on Lesson Planning

Paola Alarcón, Claudio Díaz, Tania Tagle, Víctor Vásquez, María Jesús Inostroza, Marcela Quintana, Lucía Ramos


Conceptual metaphor constitutes both the theoretical framework and a tool for eliciting and analyzing data in this qualitative research study. The aim of this study is to analyze the role of conceptual metaphors for unpacking research participants’ conceptualizations about lesson planning in Chilean schools. An eliciting metaphor questionnaire was designed to require respondents to complete the statement “lesson planning is like…because…”. The data were analyzed through content analysis for metaphors, as follows: pre-analysis, labeling, classification, categorizing, peer judgment. The questionnaire was applied to 54 Chilean teachers from different schools. Four metaphor categories were obtained: Map, Foundations, Instructions, Burden.


qualitative research; teacher beliefs; discourse analysis; conceptual metaphors

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Revista Delta-Documentação e Estudos em Linguística Teórica e Aplicada ISSN 1678-460X