PRODUÇÃO ESCRITA: PRAZER OU PUNIÇÃO? Uma Experiência de Ensino/Aprendizagem


  • Ana Rosa Leonel


In this study we want to propose some considerations about research application related to discourse typology in text production courses. We will also relate some learning/teaching experiences of text production in French as a foreign language for university students of the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia. Some aspects of evaluation of learners’ text production will be commented from the view point of formative evaluation. The methodology put into practice was based on the studies of Dahlet (1994), Vigner (1995) and Reichler-Béguelin (1990) had the objective of stablishing communicative autthenticity in classrooms, motivating learners to have a participative behavior, which would help them to become more active and responsable for their own learning process. Incentivated to constitute themselves as agents, learners were given instruments to break down the assimetry between teacher/student in teaching institutional contexts. It could be found that interaction was easier between speakers, and also a felloship environmentwhich allowed them to assume the role of subjects of their own discourse, was established.


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Leonel, A. R. (2010). PRODUÇÃO ESCRITA: PRAZER OU PUNIÇÃO? Uma Experiência de Ensino/Aprendizagem. Intercâmbio, 6. Recuperado de



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