The Religious Education Teacher as a Guide in Fostering Identity, Celebrating Diversity and Building Community


  • Bert Roebben Dortmund University


religious education, interreligious learning, teacher education, professional spirituality, Meister Eckhart


This contribution is situated in the European discourse on the role of the teacher of religious/worldview education in schools. Based on the assumption that every child and youngster has the right to deal with existential questions in a safe and solid learning environment, the author focuses on the specific role of the teacher to enhance religious/worldview competence and identity development in the students. Within the idea of professionalism three roles can be discerned: the teacher as a guide in fostering identity, celebrating diversity and building community. These professional roles have a counterpart in the spiritual disposition of the teacher. This argument is developed through a specific reading of the medieval German mystical theologian Meister Eckhart. Surprising thoughts on who the teacher is and what he should do (and eventually not do) are evoked and discussed.

Biografia do Autor

Bert Roebben, Dortmund University

PhD in Theology, as well as degrees in Religious Studies and Education. He is Professor of Religious Education at the Faculty of Humanities and Theology at Dortmund University (Germany), where he is mainly involved in the teacher education program.