The Empirical Research on Independent Technology Innovation, Knowledge Transformation and Enterprise Growth


  • Zhang Binbin
  • Ding Jiangtao
  • Li Mingxing
  • Zhang Tongjian



Independent technology innovation, Knowledge transformation, Enterprise growth, SEM


In order to reveal the incentive functions of independent technology innovation duringthe process of knowledge transformation, the structure equation modeling (SEM) is used inthe paper. By the choice of research elements, research hypotheses, establishment of researchmodel and model checking, the SEM can effectively reveal the correlation between independenttechnology innovation, knowledge transformation and enterprise growth of the technologyventure enterprises in Guangdong Province. For illustration, 500 questionnaires are distributed,374 questionnaires return, the returns ratio is 87%, which satisfy the requirement thatthe questionnaire returns-ratio is not lower than 20% in the data investigation. The empiricalresults show that model fitting work well, and the model has high convergence validity. The researchconclusions provide a realistic theory reference for the implementation of independenttechnological innovation strategies and knowledge transformation strategies for the purpose ofenterprise growth in Guangdong high-tech venture enterprises.