Risk Factors and Efficiency Measurement in Togolese Banking Sector: the Case of ECOBANK-Togo


  • Kolani Pamane
  • Fabrice Boko




Banking sector, Financial ratio, Economy growth, ECOBANK –Togo, Risk


The economic growth of a country depends on several factors which can be both macro and micro economics. The financial sector and more precisely the banking sector contributesin a non negligible part to this growth. This paper starts by analyzing the performance and the part of the Togolese banking sector in the economy by pointing out the challenges and risks that the sector faced the last few years. The paper then examined and evaluated the performance and the risk factors of the Ecobank – Togo from the period 2005 to 2010 using 11 financial ratios divided into 4 groups namely profitability, liquidity, and risk and efficiency ratios.The results of the study shows that the banking sector in Togo is playing a very important role inthe economy growth in term of the domestic credit and loans provided by this sector to support the private projects and the state activities, and also in term of the GDP growth. The results also show that ECOBANK-Togo performs well over the 5 past years in term of efficiency, profitability and liquidity although he has many risks to face.