The Influence of External Search Strategies on the Innovative Performance of Brazilian Firms


  • Carlos Arruda
  • Anderson Rossi
  • Gustavo Mendes
  • Paulo Ferreira



External search depth, External search breadth, External innovation partners, Innovative performance


In this paper we attempt to analyse the influence of three dimensions of external search strategies on the innovative performance of Brazilian firms. The dimensions analysed were: external search breadth, external search depth which deal with how firms access external knowledge and the types of external innovation partners that emphasize the “with whom” to interact. The underlying findings are mainly derived and based on conclusive descriptive research that utilized a survey as an instrument of data collection. In relation to external search breadth the results suggest that the variety of external actors produces a positive impact on the innovative performance of Brazilian firms. As regards external search depth a curvilinear relationship was observed −taking an inverted U-shape−. The empirical analysis also indicated that there was a difference in the impact of different external actors on the innovative performance of Brazilian firms, only customers and/or users and suppliers presenting significant impact.