Human resource management in modern enterprise in the advent of social networking

Casius Darroux


In this century, enterprises in all facets of society has evolved by redefining the role of managing human resource to adapt to the swift changes taking place locally and globally with regards to social-networking. From the last decades society has experienced the lightening speed of transformation from the factory model media into the modern electronic media that seems to have long encompasses the digital, computerized, network information and communication technologies. Institutions, in order to survive in this environment needs to be flexible, responsive and human resource based oriented. This paradigm has led to a systematic new approach as to how human resource personnel reintegrate the processes, policies and system to reflect such evolution. Social networking has lead to critically investigating how human resource management need to change to enhance the way they perform as institutions becomes more dependent on human resource management to maximize returns and competitiveness. Human resource management in the advent of social-networking has brought with it intense competition, liberalization, development of web based technologies, speed and accessibility across the globe. Rapid and critical transformation in human resource and social-networking will continue to dominate and revolutionize the business landscape well beyond the 21st century whilst posing new challenges and presenting new exciting possibilities. This article will attempt to study and analyze the management of human resource in the advent of social networking from a business context.


Social networking; electronic media; network information; communication technologies.

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