Inserting the topic of sustainability in the business strategy of 20 model companies in Brazil

Marcus Nakagawa, Beatriz Marcos Telles, Arnoldo de Hoyos Guevara


This paper explores the issue of inserting the theme of sustainability in the core of corporate business strategies, since this insertion is based not only in punctual improvements in production processes, certifications, awards or adaptations of products and services, but also in the effective thinking about the needs of human beings that this product or service is tending to. From several benchmarks, including a few market surveys, the paper highlights and compares data from 20 model companies featured on the 2011 GuiaExame de Sustentabilidadewith the concept of the five corporate development stages, by Nidumolu, Prahaladand Rangaswami (2009) that support the discussion and strengthen the need to align products and services with strategies, in order to have sustainability in business. The conclusion is that few companies are in the most advanced stages and there is the need for greater corporate empowerment on the topic and for further research with similar topics.


strategic alignment; sustainable development; sustainability in business; corporate sustainability

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