The Complexity Vision for Online Development

Ana Maria Di Grado Hessel, Ivani Catarina Arantes Fazenda


In the perspective of complexity, this Paper is on an experience of online development for school manager, in which an interdisciplinary attitude of partnership emerges. The characteristic of this development is a more complex and systemic vision, in which the school dynamics is regarded as an alive system, liable to be self-organized, a culture in permanent construction nourished by the interpersonal relations and collective work. It values Aesthetical sensibility in development, so fundamental for the projects committed with autonomy and emancipation, despite the fact this kind of Aesthetics has not been valued, but replaced by a more technical form of development. This approach offers the opportunity to experience a historical process, as it evolves contextualized knowledge. School managers and the researcher imbricate in an intersubjective relation while an attitude of interdisciplinary partnership emerges. Interactive online resources are used during the experience in which the narratives unveil the richness of the intersubjective communication and the intrasubjective process of construction and meaning of reality. During the development of this transdisciplinar research, I could perceive the movement of construction of the school managers’ own experience, and reflect on my life experience, research my own practice learning about it, while continuously experiencing the two polarities: developing school managers and being developed as such.


complexity; intersubjectivity; interdisciplinary; online development; school management

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