Levels of organizational awareness form the point of view of human interaction, and its relationships with sustainability practices


  • Renata Martins Corrêa
  • Arnoldo José de Hoyos Guevara




Organizational Awareness, Human Communication, Sustainability


The current knowledge society marks the awakening of consciences of individuals and organizations . We are looking for ways to assist the transition individual to collective, from having to “be” and new organizational values and attitudes. Businesses have a key role in this new paradigm, they are the foundation for the evolution of the competition to collaboration in all spheres. And it is in this light that this study aims to understand how companies can awaken to human communication in the context of organizational sustainability, each of which is at a different level of organizational awareness ? This analysis will be based on the conceptual model constructed from theoretical propositions of Richard Barrett , author of works “ Creating an Organization driven by values “ and “ Liberating the Corporate Soul .” Thus, the central question of this study was : What determinants influence organizational awareness for sustainability practices ? For validation of this question was held extensive literature search through theoretical exponents of this theme, as well as analysis of documents and websites. The intersection positively identified can contribute to the achievement of the higher stage of organizational awareness, aiming to win changes in the competitive landscape of contemporary capitalism.