What Lead to the Successful Mobile Phone Game? – Story of birds who cannot fly but they have enough angriness


  • Jaakko Iivonen
  • Yang Liu




Angry Birds, Iphone application, mobile phone game, Rovio Entertainment


This article will consist of analyzing some factors which are the most important forthe successful mobile phone game. There are going to be some common history of how mobilephone games are developed and how this whole game application business has started. Mainfocus in this article is based on analyzing and finding some key factors which are the mostrelevant for successful mobile phone game and how they can be designed. This article is notbased on technical details of mobile phones and there is only some information which consistsof a little bit of technical phrases. Angry Birds mobile phone game is excellent example ofsuccessful mobile game and it will be analyzed rather deeply in this article. Analyzing will notbe based on only how to play game but whole Angry Birds phenomenon will be considered.Developments of mobile phone games have been very fast even though the first and nowadaysclassic mobile phone games (such as Snake) become in 1970s. Last year has been golden agefor mobile phone game designers and this business area is still developing very fast. RovioEntertainment is one of the winners so far. Since few years ago Rovio was close to bankruptcyand nowadays it is globally known entertainment media company. Rovio is behind the AngryBirds which is the most popular mobile phone game.