Analysis of Critical Studies of Organizations in Academic Production


  • Arnaldo Mazzei Nogueira
  • Rosania Nascimento Pereira
  • Luiz Sebastião da Silva Filho



critical theory, organizational studies, Critical Management Studies in Brazil.



This article has the purpose of analyzing the organizational studies which undertakes a critical perspective, and due to these lines up with the critical theory and to the so called Critical Management Studies.

The critical theory from Marx even to the authors of the school of Frankfurt takes criticism, as a central theme, to the dominant capital system and the social emancipation referenced or not to the working category. The critical studies are not necessarily lined up to these objectives, but, offer alternatives to the dominant functional paradigm in organizational studies.

The scope of the study is the analysis of the academic Brazilian production of the National Meetings of the National Association of Post Graduates and Research in Administration - EnANPAD and of the Meetings of the Organizational Studies Division of ANPAD-EnEO between 2008 and 2012. The main results show that the critical studies, in spite of continuing below 10 %, develop studies of relevant themes for the critical analysis of the organizations and search increasingly more, for studies with empirical basis and case studies to update the reading of the practices and organizational reality.