Persona Design Method for Evaluating Business Skills

Takao Terano, Yasuhiro Sasaki, Masaaki Kunigami, Atsushi Yoshikawa


This paper describes a novel method to apply the persona design method in marketingscience to the human resource management domain. Using the technique, employees in abusiness firm can identify and rank the images of the business skills the ideal leaders of an ITorientedorganization. To clarify the differences in recognition, we apply the persona technique.The persona technique was started in the user interface field of computer software developmentor marketing strategies, and has spread to the product development field. The proposedmethod uses the following procedure: 1) set persona characters with various attributes, 2)assign the attribute values by the orthogonal design technique, 3) design questionnaires, 4) getquestionnaire data on the personas from subjects, 5) evaluate the data recorded on respondentquestionnaires. Using the proposed method, we successfully detected the ordering of differentemployee images of organization leaders.


Personas; Competency; Leadership; Personal requirements; Human Resource developments.

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