The Process of Internationalization of JAC Motors in Brazil From the Standpoint of Sustainable Organizational Behavior


  • Renata Martins Corrêa
  • Suzana Bandeira
  • Flavia Frate
  • Claudio Bezerra da Silva
  • Gilmara Lima de Elua Roble



Internationalization, China, Sustainable Organizational Behavior.


The present study has the target of understanding the process of internationalization of the Chinese automaker JAC Motors in Brazil, as well as identifying if the Brazilian group SHC that brought it to the country and controls its operations in the Brazilian market holds a sustainable organizational behavior. The theoretical basis used to understand the internationalization process was the economic theories described by Dunning and behavioral theories from Uppsala University. In addition, we looked at documents and data from the Chinese government in order to understand the policy towards sustainability and innovation processes in the country. Also a vast bibliographic research has been performed regarding the term sustainable organizational behavior in order to support the research made over the SHC group in which we approached the questions related to the interest the group had on JAC Motors, which drove JAC Motors to get into the Brazilian market, questions regarding sustainable management, resources allocation as well as aspects related to innovation and technology.

Author Biographies

Renata Martins Corrêa

FEI, São Paulo, Brazil.

Suzana Bandeira

FECAP, São Paulo, Brazil;

Flavia Frate

FATEC, São Paulo, Brazil.

Claudio Bezerra da Silva

FMU , São Paulo, Brazil.

Gilmara Lima de Elua Roble

FEI, São Paulo, Brazil.