Sustainable practices through green guerrilla marketing – an innovative approach

Harshita Gupta, Saumya Singh


Sustainability is the need of the hour. Organizations that align the interests of all their stakeholders – customers, investors and employees are considered to act for sustainable development. But some of the organizations compromise to this fact. They are rather busy exploiting the resources. Bluffing the customers for making quick profits has become a prevalent notion. Amidst all these selfish motives, they tend to forget about the repercussions which we and our planet may endure as a whole in near future. There are many evidences when responsible companies have proved themselves performing better in the long run.
Green Guerrilla Marketing is an innovative concept, trying to figure out various ways to successfully market the products and at the same time acting ethically and socially responsible towards the sustainable development. It revolves around being conscious about 3Ps which are People, Profits and Planet. Guerrilla Marketing is an unconventional marketing strategy that focuses on attracting huge customer base with least amount of cost involved. Roots of Guerrilla Marketing can be traced to guerrilla warfare that was off-center warfare technique using unusual tactics by the armed civilians during Vietnam War in the 1960s. Since then this marketing concept has attracted many business houses.
So far, Guerrilla Marketing was considered only as a creative tool for promoting ones’ product and services but now it can be seen as a responsible tool as well, which works toward a better society at large under the broad head of Green Guerrilla Marketing. Therefore, the paper is a pioneer attempt in understanding the potential of Green Guerrilla Marketing in the light of both sustainability and innovation at the same time. Also, it discusses various guerrilla techniques to market the products ethically without compromising on the profits. In the end, the paper also evaluates the examples to examine the concept.


Green Guerrilla Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, Sustainability, Innovation, Society, Profits

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