Study on examining the impact of financial support on economic and social empowerment of women in rural areas in Pakistan: a study of BISP-financial support program


  • Nazar Hussain Phulpoto SWUPL, Chongqing 401120, P.R.China
  • Saifullah Memon QUEST Nawabshah Sindh Pakistan
  • Shumaila Phulpoto CTGU, PR China



BISP (Financial Support), Social Empowerment, Economic Empowerment



The study is to examine the impact of Benazir income support program BISP on women empowerment in Pakistan. BISP is one of the best program initiated by the government of Pakistan. In order to cover and control many social problems of people. It was started to empower women. It provides social security, improve living standard, reduce poverty.

Sample of 300 respondents was used in the study because its area of study was confined to the Khairpur city. It carried out quantitative techniques to measure the impact of BISP on women empowerment for this regression analysis was done and association was explained through Pearson correlation. Finding of this study recommends that there is positive and significant impact of BISP in women empowerment and it has strong correlation with women empowerment. Further questionnaire was designed that was comprised of 24 questions and distributed in BISP beneficiaries to understand its effect. questionnaire was based on 5- point Likert scale. Further hypotheses were also tested and found supported.  Entire results were taken through SPSS version 25. In this study the prediction of living standard contributed 35%, poverty alleviation strategy 29% and social security contributed 24%. In this regard it is ensured that government of Pakistan take more effective initiatives to empower not only women but also men.


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