The financial capital and the fight against climate action

the necessary coexistence


  • Eduardo L. de Camargo Bisneto



Sustainability, Climate Actions, SusFinancial Capital, COP 26


The world goes through constant transformations and, consequently, evolutions improving social well-being. But for these evolutions to continue, it is necessary to stop a little and understand the process. Reflections such as: Natural resources are finite, does today's consumption not influence future consumption? Will the actions of today not impact future generations? Is the way we consume today sustainable in the medium to long term? These are some of the questions that we already have the answer to. No, if we continue to consume and treat the environment the way we do, we will not have more resources and the impact on future generations will be severe. The discussion mentioned above is not new, in this way, we can see the discussion since the 19th century with Thomas Malthus and Marques de Condorcet that remains to this day on the agenda of the main rulers, heads of state and international institutions. This article presents a contextualization of the discussion about natural resources and the implications for future generations, as well as presents the most recent in governmental discussions, clearly and objectively bringing the responsibility to State Governments, without exempting the financial capital of the responsibility of fundamental piece for the fight against the climatic actions.


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