The relationship between social innovation and innovation ecosystems

an international library review


  • Guilherme Paraol de Matos Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina



Innovation Ecosystem, Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship


Social innovation (SI) can express a response to local conditions of exclusion and marginalization of vulnerable groups. The existence of innovation ecosystems that support social innovation are fundamental for the various IS initiatives to be developed collaboratively. This article aims to analyze how the themes are related in the international literature. For that, a bibliometric search is carried out in the Scopus and Web of Science databases, which brought together 52 publications. As a result, one can identify the main keywords being innovation; innovation ecosystem, social entrepreneurship and social innovation. The most cited authors are Campolargo and Oliveira. The countries with the highest number of publications are Italy; Brazil; Germany and Spain. In conclusion, both the concepts of social innovation and innovation ecosystem are topics of interest and have a field of research that can be explored. There is no group of actors that leads research on this topic. The term Social Entrepreneurship as recurrent term alongside Social Innovation and Innovation Ecosystem is another important finding.



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