The Emperor's New Clothes or Why It’s So Difficult to Implement New Innovation Strategies

Irmtraut Mecke


There are two topics, which people are currently very interested in: Leadership and management. Everyone interprets these topics in their own individual way – although the current course of events and style of innovation has challenged this. Depending on a person's theoretical and practical background and – of course – his position, his ideas range from a limited province to a broader multicultural point of view. In order to illustrate the reasons for this let us recall the fairytale the emperor's new clothes in which people perceived what didn’t exist. In this article we will make use of an integral way of viewing things. Only if we look at an organization's proceedings in entirety, will we fulfil the task and solve difficult problems in the future. Decision-makers normally know this fact, therefore it is all the more important that people express their thoughts and feelings and why we ultimately need both leadership and management.


Organizational; Management innovation; Leadership innovation

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