Probe into the Interactive and Coupling Relationship Between Technical Innovation and Institutional Innovation

Cheng Ping


Technical innovation and institutional innovation are indispensable to the development of enterprises. From different points of view, different schools of thought have different theories on the relationship between technical innovation and institutional innovation. What is the relationship between them? Which is more important? Based on the fact that technical innovation and institutional innovation are interactive and have dynamic contradictions, this essay probes into this kind of relationship. On the one hand, technical innovation is the base and motive of institutional innovation. It both supports and restricts the institutional innovation. On the other hand, institutional innovation guides, supports and protects the technical innovation. In view of this, the essay proposes that technical innovation should be regarded as a decisive factor to push forward and decide the change and innovation of institution and make a reality interactive and coupling relationship between them.


Technical Innovation; institutional innovation; Coupling; interactive

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