From Initial Education to Portuguese L1 Classroom: conceptions about teaching and learning grammar

Adriana Cardoso, Susana Pereira, Teresa Leite, Encarnação Silva


The goal of this paper is to discuss representations about grammar
teaching of Portuguese L1 teachers. It draws on the exploratory study
designed to identify the invariants and divergences in self-perceptions
about L1 grammar teaching of trainees in different training situations:
in-service teachers, pre-service teachers and bachelor’s students. The
study focus on student’s and teacher’s acknowledgment of the Portuguese
L1 Curriculum (Reis et al. 2009), which conveys a clear paradigm change
in Portuguese language education, assuming that grammar teaching is
based upon language awareness development.

The results show an evident gap between students and teachers in what

concerns the familiarity with the Portuguese L1 Curriculum and teaching

strategies. However, some puzzling convergent points are the importance

attributed to grammar and poor linguistics background. The results

analysis draws attention to the relationship between teacher cognition

and practice, highlighting fragilities in teacher education and potential

conceptual changes that may lead to effective changes in classroom




Grammar Teaching; Explicit Knowledge of Language; Language Teacher Cognition; Portuguese L1 Teaching.

Revista Delta-Documentação e Estudos em Linguística Teórica e Aplicada ISSN 1678-460X