Entrepreneurial Team Troika: A Call on Integrative Research of Trust, Conflict and Diversity

Mohammad Saud Khan


During the last four decades entrepreneurship research has established itself as a legitimate area of enquiry, which requires a concentrated and coordinated effort towards studying the context in entrepreneurial activity. In doing so, it is understood that entrepreneurial teams form the core of most start-ups at some point of their new venture journey. Furthermore, three crucial aspects of this vital unit of analysis (entrepreneurial team) are trust, conflict and diversity which shape the ultimate success of a firm. This paper presents a contextually developed research agenda based on a critical evaluation and synthesis of findings from literature pointing towards an integrative approach of viewing the three topics viz a viz team entrepreneurship.


Team, Entrepreneurship, Trust, Conflict, Diversity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24212/2179-3565.2017v8i1p18-31


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