• José Romualdo da Costa Filho Universidade Nove de Julho
  • Renato Penha Universidade Nove de Julho
  • Luciano Ferreira da Silva Universidade Nove de Julho



Stakeholder management, Digital Transformation, Customer service


The purpose of this technical report was to observe the relationship of internal and external stakeholders during the execution of a digital transformation project in a leading vehicle rental company in Brazil. The report was prepared using the qualitative research approach, using consultation of the project's primary data, document analysis and participant observation. The results signal the importance of the correct mapping of stakeholders and how it affects the bonds of trust between the various parties involved, a factor capable of influencing the trajectory of the project. This study was limited to having analyzed only one project. As future studies, the impact of stakeholder influence on digital transformation programs and portfolios and how the time factor is affected in this organizational arrangement could be studied.


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