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Internal Audit, Project Portfolio, Project Management, Data Analytics, Data analysis.


The constant evolution and dependence of technologies on corporate business activities and processes brought an increase in electronic transactions in company processes and, consequently, a need for transformation in the project portfolio of the Internal Audit area. Based on these needs, technological tools such as Data Analytics appear as technical support options for audit project managers to extract, model, improve and optimize the analysis and scope of the data. The purpose of this report was to present how the implementation of technological Data Analytics tools contribute positively to increasing the efficiency of the internal audit project portfolios. The results showed that the implementation of this type of technology during internal audit projects and processes could reduce the intensity of the work, expand its reach in the results and increase the efficiency of production in time and cover the cycles of audited processes. The use of Data Analytics has positive advantages for the AI ​​project portfolio and for the future of the area, such as better project planning, greater resource management, more comprehensive scope definition, agility in the execution of audit work, traceability and record of analyzes performed and performance increase.


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