Achieving sustainable job performance of employees through transformational leadership and employee participation


  • Reza Nazari Islamic Azad University
  • Ali Fallahnejad Islamic Azad University
  • Mehdi Moradzadeh Fard Islamic Azad University



Transformational leadership, Sustainable job performance, Employee participation of Keshavarzi Bank of Iran


The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between the use of transformational leadership style and sustainable job performance of Keshavarzi Bank of Iran employees with respect to the mediating role of employee participation. The present study was an applied goal and in terms of descriptive method was a correlation. The statistical population of the present study consisted of 483 senior and middle managers of the Agricultural Bank of Iran with at least 5 years of experience. A questionnaire was used to collect research data, the validity and reliability of which were confirmed by CVR and Cronbach's alpha. After collecting data to test the research hypotheses, the structural equation modeling method was used in Smart PLS software. The results of testing the research hypotheses showed that transformational leadership style has a positive and significant effect on sustainable job performance of Keshavarzi Bank of Iran employees and directly predicts 0.755 of changes related to sustainable job performance. The results also showed that transformational leadership style through employee participation has a positive and significant effect on sustainable job performance of Keshavarzi Bank of Iran employees. Accordingly, it can be said that employees who are guided by transformational leadership style, often strive to benefit the organization beyond the defined job tasks and achieve a stable level of job performance in the long run.


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