Proposal to Measurement of Educational Evaluation on Cooperative Learning in Advanced Project Management Subject


  • Naoki Ohshima



Project management, Educational evaluation, Instructional design, Educational technology


In order to guarantee the educational effect in practice educating which designates the society member as the object, it is indispensable to execute the education design which is based on educational technology method such as instructional design. In this paper, important study item was calculated on the basis of the analysis result of the conceptual structure of PMBOK, the course program of project management subject was designed. In addition, measurement of the educational effect in project management subject is tried using with the questionnaire survey described with basis on important study item. It is obtained that the looking back study with group debate is to be study method in order to raise the educational effect.

Author Biography

Naoki Ohshima

Graduate School of Innovation & Technology Management, Yamaguchi University, Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan