Treatment and Water Reuse with customers as a sustainable competitive differentiation instrument


  • Eleuterio Ferreira Neto Universidade Guarulhos
  • Antonio Carlos Estender Universidade Guarulhos



Water Reuse, Sustainable Organization


Sustainability, water and environmental management are becoming an essential issue of growing importance today globally as well within organizations and even critical for business marketing. This papers shows how reuse of water may become a critical positive factor for organizations impacting the financial results. Based on References and interviews at a company the study sought to answer how reuse of water may become a sustainable competitive advantage. The environmental appeal is a fundamental requirement and organizations are looking for it, but companies that are doing in addition something else are excelling and becoming more competitive as the business case studied Brazil Lau Rent. So the study shows that organizations that are doing reuse of water and seek increasingly meet the environmental requirements actually benefit in many ways from certifications, expansion in market performance and profitability.

Author Biographies

Eleuterio Ferreira Neto, Universidade Guarulhos

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Antonio Carlos Estender, Universidade Guarulhos

Mestre em ADM e Doutorando em Educação pela PUC-SP