Dear Readers, Authors and Contributors,

As already announced, The Specialist magazine underwent reconfiguration of its editorial board. Since August, we have been working to get the magazine back up and running with the same organization and speed put in place by the previous editors.

Based on the deliberations of the new editorial board, we communicate:

As of August 2002, in its volume 43 nº 2, The Specialist magazine starts to be edited in CONTINUOUS FLOW, causing the submitted articles to be published soon after being evaluated, approved, revised and designed, with no longer having to the need for readers and authors to wait for an issue to be released and only then have access to journal articles.

The publishing model in Continuous Flow is characterized by agility in publishing. The article submission and evaluation system remains the same; the difference will be in the way the articles will be made available to the readers, because, once the article has been approved, it is reviewed by the author, layouted and published.

In the continuous flow model, there is no need to wait for an issue for the article to be available.

Yours sincerely,

The Editors.

André Effgen de Aguiar

Leonardo Neves Correa