Call for Thematic Dossier: Language Policies for Multilingualism in the Global South



Kleber Aparecido da Silva - University of Brasilia/Brazil/CNPq

Leketi Makalela - University of the Witwatersrand/Johannesburg/South Africa

Paulo Daniel Elias Farah - University of São Paulo/Brazil

Dllubia Santclair - Secretary of Education of Goiás/Brazil, University of Brasília/Brazil

Simone Maranhão Costa - Federal Institute of Maranhão/Brazil


We live in increasingly plurilingual and multicultural scenarios (BLOMMAERT;RAMPTON, 2011), therefore, the proposed thematic dossier “Linguistic Policies for Multilingualism in the Global South” intends to map the linguistic policies in progress in the Global South that contemplate this understanding and, in doing so, contribute to the consolidation and expansion of research in Language Policy among academics in the field of Applied Linguistics (Critical) and Sociolinguistics. Therefore, we conceived this proposal in two complementary parts. In the first section of the dossier, articles on onto-epistemological issues for the area will be gathered, while in the second, an overview of the linguistic processes and policies in progress in the Global South will be presented. By collecting these articles, we intend to make available to the scientific community of the mentioned and similar areas, reference bibliographic material that can constitute reading for those interested in language policy issues related to the different languages spoken and/or taught in the Global South. This thematic dossier aims to problematize the language policy construct from decolonial perspectives, challenging Euro-American versions of reality. In this special issue, we invite researchers working in the area of Applied Linguistics (Critical) and Sociolinguistics to submit articles/reviews/interviews, which include, among other possibilities, the following topics: i) language policies; ii) language education; iii) languages in contact; iv) migration, refuge and mobility; v) globalization and super-diversity; vi) multilingualism and multiculturalism; vii) inter/trans/multicultural relations; viii) training of language teachers.


Submissions: 01 July/23 to 01 November/23.

Submission of opinions to authors: until January 31, 2024.

Publication scheduled for: March/24.

Texts in Portuguese, English and Spanish will be accepted.

Instructions for authors are available at GUIDELINES FOR AUTHORS: 

The works presented for evaluation must be submitted online, at the following address: 

Upon submission, indicate to the editor that the text is intended for the Linguistic Policy Dossier.