Management in Dialogue Review

The Management in Dialogue Review - RAD is a journal of the Program of Post-Graduate Studies in Administration of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo in its 19th year, being since 2006 exclusively in electronic format.

The RAD is a publication every four months and aims to publish the production of the Program of Teachers and students, experts and teachers from other universities.

The objective of the RAD is to provide knowledge, the production of the area, as well as exchange experiences and research results and socialize the production of specialists and researchers from PUC-SP and other institutions involved with this research object.

Qualis / CAPES: B3


ISSN: 2178-0080

Vol 19, No 3 (2017): September - December

Table of Contents

Francisco Antonio Serralvo
Claudia Raffa, Ana Maria Malik, Luis Hernan Contreras Pinochet
Allan Carlos Alves, Vânia Vilma Nunes Teixeira, Isla Glecia Vilar Oliveira
Brunno Bonomo, Emerson Wagner Mainardes, Rozelia Laurett
Cléber da Costa Figueiredo, Ilan Avrichir, Raul Barbosa
Mauro Vivaldini
Aline de Souza Freire, Bruno Silva Souza, Elena Bandeira da Silva, Irene Raguenet Troccoli
Avaliadores 2017
Francisco Antonio Serralvo