Foreign language learning In-Tandem: Teletandem as an alternative proposal in CALLT1


  • João A. Telles Unesp, Assis
  • Maria Luisa Vassalo Università Ca’Foscari


foreign language learning, Tandem, in-tandem,


In a previous paper on this journal (Vassallo & Telles, 2006), we presented the theoretical bases and practical procedures of two modes of foreign language learning in-tandem approach – face-to-face tandem and e-tandem. Now, in this article, we introduce our proposal of a third mode of Tandem – the Teletandem, as an alternative in CALLT. Teletandem is a virtual Tandem that uses the online writing, reading, audio and video resources of the Windows Live Messenger. Next, we wish to outline and to argue for the applicability of the theoretical and practical principles of this third mode of Tandem within the context of a research project – Teletandem Brasil: Foreign languages for all. One of the central aims of this project is to promote, by means of the virtual space of the Teletandem, the contact of Brazilian university students with the peoples of the international community and the exchange of their respective languages and cultures.


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Author Biographies

João A. Telles, Unesp, Assis

João A. Telles has a Ph.D in Educational Linguistics from OISE – Ontario Institute for Studies in Education - University of Toronto, Canada, and an MA in Applied Linguistics from the Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil. He has developed post-doctorate research at Universitè Charles- de-Gaulle, Lille III, France and was a visiting professor at IDEC – Institute for International Development and Cooperation, University of Hiroshima, Japan. Currently, he is associate professor of Foreign Language Teaching Practicum at the undergraduate level from the Department of Education, UNESP- Universidade Estadual Paulista at Assis. He also teaches in the Graduate Program of Education at UNESP- Marília and the Graduate Program in Language Studies at UNESP- S.J. do Rio Preto. He is the coordinator of Project Teletandem Brasil with research focus on the roles of video images in the interactions between Teletandem pairs.

Maria Luisa Vassalo, Università Ca’Foscari

Maria Luisa Vassallo has a BA in Letters from the University of Torino and in Oriental Languages from Ca’Foscari University of Venice. She has an MA in Italian as a Foreign Language and the Promotion of the Italian Language and Culture from Ca’Foscari University. Luisa has taught Latin and Greek for many years and worked as a lecturer of Italian language at UNESP - São Paulo State University in Brazil. Currently, she teaches Latin and Greek at the Liceo Classico Marco Foscarini, in Venice, Italy. The focus of her research in the Teletandem Brasil Project is on the power dynamics related to the use of the native/foreign language within the virtual context.




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